The most recent increase in the State Pension (Contributory) that came into effect in March of this year, means that those in receipt of the maximum rate of this payment (€248.30 per week) will have an annual guaranteed income which is in excess of the Revenue’s definition of specified guaranteed income (€12,700).

As a result, future retiree’s that have reached State Pension Age (currently age 66) and are in receipt of the maximum rate of State Pension (Contributory), will no longer be required to purchase an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF). Should those individuals choose the “ARF” option, then all residual funds they have after taking their pension lump sum can be used to buy an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF).

For more information on the impacts of this increase please read our full TechTalk below.

TechTalk: ARF withdrawals and the State Pension

For those that have an ARF, ARF withdrawals can result in a PRSI record being accrued for the individual which can be very useful for boosting their PRSI credits and accessing state benefits such as the State Pension (Contributory).

Latest investment podcast

In this investment podcast recorded on July 8th 2022, we speak about recent market movements and Zurich's Investment outlook in relation to the our funds. This month our feature in focus is Autoinvest, which is available on Investment Bond products.

Protection Promotions Extended until 31 August

We are extending most of our protection offers until the 31 August 2022.

Click on the link below for a reminder on all our Protection Discounts.

PRSA Special Offers

We’re delighted to announce new PRSA offers on both our Standard and Advice products – now with added ‘Bonus Allocation’. Click below to see the full terms and conditions. 

Benefit Statements added to Client Dashboard

Benefit Statements are now available on the ‘My Policies’ section of the Client Dashboard. Once clicked it will bring clients straight into the correspondence section to view their statements. Note: No change has been made to how client’s receive their statements – these will continue to be posted. 

Client Dashboard - Savings

With more and more people moving their money from a deposit account to Zurich, it's important new customers understand the terminology when they login to our Dashboard for the first time. This flyer could be used when catching up with your existing client base or as part of your initial sales pack, it's up to you.

Client Dashboard - Pensions

Whether your client wants to keep an eye on every market movement or check in once a year, the Zurich Dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your pension. Our Pension dashboard also includes an interactive graph that charts the actual performance of your client's pension over a twenty year period - so they really see how well their Zurich pension has performed.