The most recent increase in the State Pension (Contributory) that came into effect in March of this year, means that those in receipt of the maximum rate of this payment (€248.30 per week) will have an annual guaranteed income which is in excess of the Revenue’s definition of specified guaranteed income (€12,700).

As a result, future retiree’s that have reached State Pension Age (currently age 66) and are in receipt of the maximum rate of State Pension (Contributory), will no longer be required to purchase an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF). Should those individuals choose the “ARF” option, then all residual funds they have after taking their pension lump sum can be used to buy an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF).

For more information on the impacts of this increase please read our full TechTalk below.

Auto Enrolment shines spotlight on pension coverage and adequacy

The advent of the Auto Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings System is one of the most significant and welcome developments in the pensions landscape for very many years, writes Niall Hall, Senior Employee Benefits Manager, Zurich Life.

Three new funds available on Standard and Advice PRSA

When your clients have decided what level of investment risk they are willing to take, it's time to recommend a fund that suits them.

Latest investment podcast

In this investment podcast recorded on 12 April 2023, we cover recent market movements and Zurich Investments current positioning and outlook. This month we also talk about earnings season, which we hear a lot about in the financial media; we’ll discuss what it is and what it means for investors.

A Financial Broker’s guide to the Underwriting Process

If you’ve not had the chance to check out our new medical underwriting guide, you can download it here. It will certainly answer many of your questions regarding medical underwriting.

Navigating the new PRSA landscape - Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to navigate the new PRSA landscape we've pulled together an FAQ document to help you better understand the changes and the opportunities available. 

Action needed on Executive Pension Plans/One Member Arrangements

The key deadline for you to be aware of is 5 May, this is the date that we require signed Participation Agreements to be returned to us.

Improved Mortgage Protection pricing & Protection Promotions extended

On Tuesday we announced that our Mortgage Protection prices have been improved. The new prices apply to all new applications as of Tuesday April 25.  


Additionally, We are extending our protection promotions until May 31 2023.


What's more, to kick-off our new pricing we are adding a new discount option of 20% for Mortgage Protection cases of €300,000 or more. This 20% discount option will run from April 25 until May 26 2023.