We can’t predict what life has in store and when it comes to things like premature death or serious illness we usually think, ‘it will never happen to me’. In reality, we all know someone who has been affected. So it is important to help your clients protect their loved ones by planning in advance.


With the rising cost of living, more people are concerned about their financial situation than ever before and are contacting Financial Brokers for advice.


At Zurich we protect thousands of households everyday against the financial hardship that would result from an unforeseen life event. Today we would like to share with you our new and improved Whole of Life insurance pricing, our new underwriting guide and share our latest award win for best Term Insurance.  

New and improved Whole of Life insurance pricing

Whole of Life Cover lasts for a lifetime. In the event of death, it pays a cash lump sum that can go towards covering the inheritance tax but can also pay for a funeral or provide loved ones with funds for a rainy day.


We are pleased to announce that our Whole of Life prices have been reduced. You will see that the majority of our standard prices are now the cheapest across the market, and remember, we still offer a 5% discount on top of these reduced rates. We believe that this new price not only gives customers great value, it also reflects our commitment to grow in protection.


Our new pricing has as of now been updated across all the CRM quote engines so make sure to check it out yourself.


Would you like to learn more about how Whole of Life insurance can be used as a means of estate planning? Our Inheritance Tax Guide will show you how.


A Financial Broker’s guide to the Underwriting Process

Medically assessing a protection policy can sometimes appear to be complicated. Customers are individually assessed so as to provide fair and accurate terms that are tailored to their personal circumstances.


At Zurich, our goal is to create a fast, easy-to-use application journey. Over the last six months we have made a number of improvements to our online underwriting journey that is already making significant improvements to our acceptance rates and turnaround times.


To further support you we have now developed a new underwriting guide which provides you with a clear outline of the common medical conditions we see in our day to day underwriting and gives an indication of the likely underwriting approach. Have a read of the guide and download a copy, it should prove to be a very useful support for you.


Do you have any further questions about underwriting at Zurich? Please email us at Underwritingsupport@zurich.ie or feel free to give us a call (01 7992825).

Zurich receives Bonkers.ie award for Best Term Insurance

Last month the annual Bonkers awards took place. With these awards Bonkers.ie celebrates companies that provide exceptional value and service to consumers in Ireland.


We are delighted to share that Zurich Life won the Best Term Insurance award within the insurance category.


Mark Kelly, Senior Life Underwriter at Zurich attended the event: ‘We were delighted to win this award, the confidence that customers and brokers place in us year after year gives us a boost to continue our momentum and go the extra mile for our clients’.


Pictured in the photo are Enda Brazel from Bonkers.ie, and Eavan Henry, Adrian Gunning and Mark Kelly from Zurich.