In this article we are going to provide a step-by-step guide to help you set realistic financial goals, how to adjust your saving plan accordingly, and explain how to evaluate whether you are on target to reach your savings objective.


This article is part of the Zurich Investment Academy, a set of resources designed to increase your financial wellbeing and give you the confidence to save, invest and plan for your future.


April 2023 monthly investment review

March saw the first quarter of 2023 close out positively for equities despite turmoil in the banking sector, writes Richard Temperley.

Equities climb despite banking sector turmoil

In this investment podcast recorded on 12 April 2023, we cover recent market movements and Zurich Investments current positioning. This month we also talk about earnings season and we’ll discuss what it is and what it means for you as an investor.

How to create a budget to save money

Need some help kick starting your savings habits? Whether you want to save for an emergency or rainy-day fund, repay debts or track your expenses, our step-by-step guide and tools will help you budget and get on track with your savings goal.

What is Home Emergency Assistance?

When the unexpected happens, it’s reassuring to know that help is at hand when you need it – that you can talk to someone who will be able to give you advice and assistance immediately.

Underinsurance explained

Underinsurance occurs when the insured sum of your house is lesser than the actual value to reinstate or rebuild it. This guide by Zurich covers steps on how to avoid this.