Carolann Courtney and Brian O’Malley wanted to save for their family’s education for years. As so often happens, life got in the way. When they were ready, the couple talked to financial advisors and investment companies directly, to find the savings product that would suit them best.


Can I claim tax relief on college fees?

If you're planning to support your children when they reach college, it might be wise to start saving now because college costs can really add up. 

Rise in the number of families planning to save in response to cost-of-living pressures

Plans to save for the future have increased to 51%, according to Zurich’s annual ‘Cost of Education’ survey which shows families now more likely than last year to start a savings fund.

Zurich Portrait Prize Shortlist 2023

We are delighted to reveal the shortlist for this year's Zurich Portrait Prize. 26 artists, working across a variety of media, have made it through to the final stage of the competition.

10 ways to save on school books

Buying school books each year can be costly, but there are ways to save money. Read our handy tips to save money on school books for primary and secondary school. 

A €3m HeadStart fund announced for mental health projects in Ireland

Ten non-profit organisations providing vital youth mental health support services will be funded under Rethink Ireland’s HeadStart Fund.

Easy ways to save money when buying school uniforms

Buying school uniforms for primary and secondary school children can be expensive. But there are some things you can do to manage the cost. 

Stamp duty for residential property in Ireland 2023

The cost of buying a house in Ireland doesn’t just involve making a final offer. There are additional costs like solicitor and conveyancing fees and stamp duty. Knowing how stamp duty rates in Ireland can impact your home purchase is important and, in this article, we provide a guide on stamp duty for residential properties.