For many, the new year often heralds the need to look at our lives and think about where we could make improvements. While the new year is synonymous with setting goals or resolutions – quite often ones associated with getting physically fit and healthy – there are plenty of people who take the new year as an opportunity to look at their finances, set new goals and get financially fit.


Are you looking for ideas for financial planning this new year? Do you need to set some financial goals for the year ahead? Help is on hand with handy tips and tools to get you financially fit.

12-month savings challenge

How much can you save with the 12-month savings challenge? Follow our monthly schedule and get saving with our downloadable 12-month savings calendar. 

The 12 days of Christmas fire safety tips

Christmas at home is a time of celebration but it can also have some potential fire hazards. Follow our 12 Christmas fire safety tips to keep you and your family safe during the festive season.

Winners announced of Zurich Portrait Prize and Young Portrait Prize

David Booth wins Zurich Portrait Prize - with portrait of last year’s winner, Salvatore of Lucan. Meilin Ava Song wins Zurich Young Portrait Prize. 

Youth mental health services to benefit from HeadStart fund

Rethink Ireland and Z Zurich Foundation celebrate a commitment of €1.5 million from the HSE to the HeadStart fund, to aid development of youth mental health infrastructure and services across Ireland. 

Saving and budgeting tips and tools

Whether it’s a big life event or a rainy day, we have simple tips and tools to help you save.

Winter driving safety tips

We have complied a list of tips to help you drive safely in winter weather and ensure your car is well maintained for various winter driving conditions.