When it comes to ensuring his financial independence, Galway man Kevin Nugent has always been savvy and made his dough rise by making all the right moves for a secure post-work life.


He believes that starting small, while he was young, was the key to his retirement planning success, because it enabled him to get into the habit without taking too great a toll on him financially. “Because it’s monthly, it’s not that big a hit. And it doesn’t matter how small you start off, just keep building it. Once you get into the habit it’s just like any other monthly outgoing,” he adds.

February 2023 monthly investment review

Equities rallied strongly throughout the first month of 2023, with the global market up just over 5%, writes Ian Slattery.

Economic data fuels rally

In this investment podcast recorded on February 8th 2023, we speak about recent market movements and Zurich Investments current positioning and outlook. This month we also speak about Responsible Investment, what it is and what Zurich in Ireland is doing in the area of Responsible Investment.

6 tips to make the right offer on a house

Making an offer on a house can be challenging. Find out everything you need to consider when making an offer on a house to buy. 

How to defrost your windscreen

Find out the most efficient methods to defrost a car windscreen quickly without damaging your car, and what to avoid.