Invitation: Connecting for Growth
2018 promises to be another exciting year - the Irish and global economies continue to grow at a rapid pace, but as with every year, there will still be challenges to be faced. 
As Ireland's Number One supporter of the Financial Broker market, we'd like to invite you to attend our Connecting for Growth conference where you'll not only hear from experts at Zurich but you'll also hear first hand how some of your industry peers are preparing for the road ahead. 
Galway: 23 January
Limerick: 24 January
Dublin: 25 January
Cork: 26 January
Ireland's economy - the implications for Financial Brokers


The Zurich Panel - the key areas for growth in 2018


The world of your client - what really matters to them?


The Broker Panel - insights from Financial Brokers

This promises to be a refreshing and insightful preparation for 2018 and should not be missed.