In October 2018 we contacted you to let you know that we were going digital and replacing your copies of the Client Dishonour Letters, Cash Renewal Letters and Lapse letters with online reports. By moving to a more digitised process, we made it easier for you to access, search for and store correspondence in a secure format. Copies of the individual Client Dishonour Letters, Cash Renewal Letters and Lapse letters are located in the 'Correspondence' tab of each policy under the 'Premium/Overdue Letters'. Detailed summary reports are available in the Reports section of the Broker Centre. The information is displayed in real time and will include all policies which have dishonoured, are due for renewal or lapsed. This means you have access to information much faster than waiting for letters to arrive in the post! Your clients continues to receive these letters in the post.
Direct Debit Dishonour Report
The Direct Debit Dishonour Report shows policies which have had a premium dishonour during the chosen time period. The reason for the dishonour is displayed on the report. However, the client should refer to their bank for further information on the exact reason for the dishonour. 
Just a reminder, the majority of dishonour letters run on 6th, 11th and 22nd of each month. If any of these dates fall on a weekend, then they will run on the following Monday.
Cash Renewal Report

Renewal / reminder letters are sent to clients who pay their premium by cheque or bank draft before the premium is due and afterwards if the premium has not been paid. 
The Cash Renewals Report outlines policies which are approaching renewal or have passed the renewal / anniversary date and Zurich has yet to receive the premium.
Just a reminder - Policies will generally appear on the report around the 16th of the month prior to their renewal / anniversary date if a premium has not yet been received. They will continue to appear until such a time as the premium has been received or after a period of 45 days when, depending on the product, the policy will become paid-up / lapsed. After a period of 45 days unpaid, the policy will move from the Cash Renewals Report to the Non-Live Policies Report.
Lapse Report

Clients receive Lapse letters when their policies have lapsed due to non-payment of premiums within the grace period offered by Zurich (generally 45 days). 
The Non-Live Policies Report outlines the policies that have become non-live during the specified time period. The report outlines the Current Status of these policies for example lapsed or paid-up. Please refer to the Policy Document for further details on the Policy Terms & Conditions.
For further information on how to run these reports, including a summary of the mandate status references please click here.

If you have any queries relating to the status of a policy or these letters and reports please contact your Zurich Life Broker Consultant or your dedicated Service Team. If you have a query regarding your Broker Centre access, please contact the Agency Department by emailing or via phone at 01 799 2927

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